Spare parts

Our range offers you a wide selection of spare parts; in total over 80 000 items for passenger cars and vans. Our product range has been designed to meet the needs of the Finnish vehicle park and our customers.

The products of the manufacturers represented by us are branded parts equivalent in quality to original equipment. In addition, you can find advantageous alternatives for older vehicles, meeting the quality requirements set for the products, representing guaranteed reliable quality.


In our range you will find the high quality and well-known Exide, Hankook and Bosch batteries for passenger cars, trucks and boats, as well as leisure batteries.

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Chassis parts

Our program includes high quality products provided by our partners, reliable and renowned in their field.

Shock absorbers
You will find the high quality KYB and Bilstein shock absorbers in our range. These brands are also trusted by numerous car manufacturers. KYB is one of the leading shock absorber suppliers globally and every fourth vehicle in the world is originally equipped with KYB shock absorbers.
Also the Bilstein shock absorbers are known for their high quality and wide range.

Jousipallot Citroeniin
Citroen:in jousipallot ovat tehdasuusia ja asennusvalmiita. Jousipallon mukana tulee tarvittava tiiviste. Toimittajallamme, jousipallovalmistaja I.F.H.S:lla on ISO9001 -laatusertifikaatti.

Coil springs and lowering kits
Our coil spring range has been expanded by high-quality KYB K-Flex coil springs. They are made, depending on the type of spring, by cold coiling or hot coiling procedure at KYB's own factory according to the latest manufacturing technology. KYB coils have a 4 year warranty when the springs are changed in pairs. KYB K-Flex springs are made of high quality chrome-vanadium or chrome-silicon steel. They are shot blasted in order to guarantee a long service life. The springs are also phosphated before epoxy coating, which ensures the best possible corrosion protection. KYB provides one of the largest passenger car coil spring ranges for the aftermarket..

Lesjöfors is a well-known Swedish spring manufacturer. Lesjöfors springs are manufactured of top quality spring steel by cold coiling process with computer controlled equipment. All springs are shot blasted and tested. Finally, the springs are protected against corrosion by powder coating. Lesjöfors Automotive products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9002 quality standard. Their suspension springs are TÜV approved.

The German manufacturer ThyssenKrupp Bilstein GmbH produces high-quality coil springs, which were earlier known under K+F brand.

Rubber and metal bushings
Our range includes a wide and versatile selection of chassis, suspension and steering parts.

The German company Lemförder is the world’s biggest manufacturer of suspension and steering parts and control units for the automotive industry. Among others, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Volvo, Volkswagen and many other big brands rely on Lemförder’s original equipment quality.

Febi is one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers for automotive spare parts and equipment. For 160 years already the company has been known for its high quality, service, reliability and product development.

Steering gears and power steering pumps
The German company Lemförder is the world’s biggest manufacturer of suspension and steering parts and control units for the automotive industry. Among others, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Volvo, Volkswagen and many other big brands rely on Lemförder’s original equipment quality.

Steering parts
The German company Lemförder is the world’s biggest manufacturer of suspension and steering parts and control units for the automotive industry. Among others, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Volvo, Volkswagen and many other big brands rely on Lemförder’s original equipment quality.

CTR is a leading OE manufacturer of steering and chassis parts, supplying top quality parts not only for Korean cars such as Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo and Ssangyong, but also for other vehicle brands such as Ford, Chrysler, BMW and Audi.

Moog has developed a new Hybrid Core technology for ball joints. It incorporates a carbon fibre reinforced ball frame and an induction heat-treated ball stud. This patented technology is unique in its field.

The K27 brand offers high quality steering parts at a reasonable price.

Wheel Bearing Sets, single bearings and bearing units
FAG from Germany is one of the biggest roller bearing manufacturers and a significant bearing supplier for the automotive industry. The FAG Group employs approximately 58 000 people globally and its total turnover is around 7.2 billion EUR. FAG has in total 78 production plants all over the world. The product range of FAG consists of almost 900 different wheel bearing kits.

FAG wheel bearing kits include all parts needed in the installation, also the greases.

Protective rubbers
Spidan is a brand of an OE supplier GKN Driveline. GKN is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of automotive driveline components. The design work and quality are trusted by numerous vehicle manufacturers. Spidan drive axle boot kits also contain clamps, grease and eventual mounting parts.

Spidan and Daico products in our stock are traditional protective rubber boots or boots made of Thermoplast recycled plastic favoured by the automotive industry. They both are extremely frost-resistant.

Daico rubber boot kits for drive shaft contain clamps, grease and eventual mounting parts. Rubber boot kits for steering racks are also delivered with clamps. Daico’s shock absorber protective rubbers and buffers are either single packed parts or complete axle kits.

KYB shock absorber boot/buffer kits are made for the whole shaft. You can also buy rubber boot clamps separately from us, both for traditional rubber boots and for Thermoplast boots. Our stock program includes both universal and stretching rubber boots.

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Our stock program includes a comprehensive selection of high quality brake parts from many renowned manufacturers. Besides, we have established our own, extensive brake part line K27.

Pierburg started to manufacture vehicle components already in the 1930’s. In our stock you will find a complete range of Pierburg vacuum pumps. Our K27 brake part line offers a wide and versatile selection of brake shoes and drums.

Brake hoses
CEF brake hose range is one of the original production lines of Manifattura Gomma Finnord. It has had a remarkable effect on the technological and commercial success of the company. Nowadays, the company’s vision based on technology improvements has become an inseparable part of CEF’s mentality aspiring to productivity. As a leading supplier on the European market, CEF is able to design and produce prototypes extremely fast, in co-operation with the customers. With the product range of approximately 2500 articles, covering 90 % of the applications, CEF is without a doubt an aftermarket leader in its field. We also have Miyaco brake hoses in our stock.

Brake discs
For over five decades, the German company Otto Zimmermann GmbH has developed, produced and marketed high-class vehicle parts for car manufacturers and spare part market. Currently there are over 1000 different brake part articles in the Zimmermann production program.

The German manufacturer Ate is well-known in the automotive field, renowned for its long traditions and high technology that strives to make the brakes safer than ever before. Among others, the following car manufacturers are using Ate products as original equipment parts: BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Fiat, General Motors, Honda, PSA, Renault, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Our range includes also the advantageous and high-quality K27 brake discs for almost all car makes and models. The Italian company Lpr was established in 1952 as a manufacturer of original equipment parts. Their extensive brake disc assortment covers all largest car makes.

Brake pads
n our brake pad selection you can find the high-quality Ferodo pads that are mounted as OE parts in many vehicles and cover a majority of the Finnish car park. Koivunen Oy has successfully co-operated with Ferodo for many decades already.

Our own K27 line provides brake pads, discs, shoes, drums and brake calipers. The K27 line covers all popular car makes and the parts are manufactured to correspond exactly to the original parts of the vehicle, however at a more competitive price.

Brake calipers
Budweg is a green quality brand from Denmark. In their production facilities, representing the latest European technology, all parts of the caliper housing are replaced at once. The housing is cleaned thoroughly and covered with a corrosion-proof coating. Hard chrome plated pistons and sliding pins, all rubber parts and bleed nipples are renewed. Finally, the handbrake axle, lever and spring are replaced before the brake caliper’s operation is tested. Budweg’s identifying colour is green, just as its ideology.

Brake cylinders
The Italian factory Lpr started its operation in 1952 as a manufacturer of original equipment parts. The company’s success as a supplier of brake and clutch hydraulic parts has always been based on continuous product development. The new prototypes are always tested, not only in the vehicles, but also with high class equipment in Lpr’s own test laboratories. Besides Lpr, we also represent brake cylinder suppliers Miyaco and Rocky.

Brake cables
The Italian company Cofle was established in 1964. It is a manufacturer of over 5000 different clutch cables for both passenger and commercial vehicles. Cofle is a leading world-class manufacturer of control cables for passenger and commercial vehicles. The company has designed its own premises so that they are suitable even for short delivery times. Cofle is able to realize a batch of min. 500 pieces. We also have in our stock brake cables for trailers, universal choke wires and cables sold by meters

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Cooling system parts

Automotive and industrial belts
The high quality Continental Contitech and INA belts are included in our product range. They are of OE quality, the same that vehicle manufacturers use on their assembly lines.

We offer multirib belts and timing belts as well as complete timing belt kits for belt replacement. We also have in our stock belt kits with water pumps, where all parts needed for the replacement are found conveniently in the same package.

Climate control parts and heater cores

The high-quality products from Nissens and Valeo can also be found in our stock. The range includes among others air conditioning compressors, condensers and dryers.

Nissens has an extensive selection of heater cores for almost every vehicle. Nissens cores are made of the best materials, and this ensures a long service life. Nissens has also HD models in its range, which have more heating power to meet the challenges of the harsh Nordic weather conditions-

We have also air conditioning and heater parts from Valeo in our product range.

Aluminium and copper coolers of Nissens are made of best materials and equipped with extremely effective cooling fins that guarantee a long service life, effective cooling performance and high resistance against pressure, corrosion and vibration. All Nissens products comply entirely with the OE standards in design, performance and finish.

Thermostats and EGR valves
Thermostats are essential components for the correct operation of today’s engines. That is why Wahler has committed itself in maintaining the high quality of the products and is working in close cooperation with car manufacturers in order to develop new solutions to guarantee the correct operation of the engines. Wahler has a comprehensive selection of thermostats for almost all vehicles.

The range now includes also EGR valves that recirculate part of the exhaust gases back to the combustion chamber. This lowers the combustion chamber temperature and reduces the amount of nitrogen oxides.

Pierburg thermostats are also a part of our range.

Water pumps
Our water pumps are supplied by the well-known manufacturers Airtex, Bugatti and GMB, whose quality is also trusted by the vehicle manufacturers. Their products fulfill the strict requirements of the vehicle manufacturers and are original products or equal to the original quality. Our water pump range covers almost all European and Asian vehicles.

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Body parts

Power windows
The Italian ALGO S.p.A. has specialized in the manufacturing of power windows since 1978. The company supplies advantageous, high-quality power windows to the aftermarket and to vehicle manufacturers as original equipment. ALGO products are equal to original quality.

Brand-specific mirrors
During the past 30 years, Alkar has achieved a leading position as a supplier and distributor of rear mirrors and lights. Alkar’s diversified knowledge of the products assures the uniform quality and the extensive product range. This is an essential key factor known in over 50 countries worldwide.

TYC rear mirrors are complete spare mirrors, fully equivalent to the originals. When it comes to quality, there is no compromise; this guarantees that the mirrors fit perfectly. The mirrors have been certified in accordance with E regulations. TYC product line offers a very wide selection suitable for both European and Japanese cars. The product range of TYC also includes lights and cooler fan motors.

Sheet metal and plastic parts
We offer the high quality sheet metal and plastic parts from the Danish supplier Klokkerholm. The range includes wheel arches, rocker panels, door panels, front and rear panels, and also complete parts, such as doors, front and rear wings, bonnets and hatches. In addition, we also have fuel tanks, oil sumps, bumpers, masks, spring plates and back plates.

Skid plates
Sheriff skid plates protect the mechanical engine parts and electric cables effectively against impact damages, dust and mud. The skid plates are equipped with special impact protectors that prevent breakage of the fastening bolts. They are fitted directly into the vehicle’s apertures, no drilling is required. The skid plate surface is protected with modern and effective powder coating, which prevents corrosion. Also the fastening bolts are protected against corrosion. Special rubber spacers prevent the skid plate from touching the chassis and inhibit any possible vibration. The skid plates are provided with service openings that make oil filter replacement and oil draining easier.

Windscreens, side- and rear windows
Windscreens and other car glasses manufactured by the French Saint-Gobain can be found in our range. Saint-Gobain is a globally renowned manufacturer of car glass products and provides original equipment glass for vehicle manufacturers. Our range covers approximately 98 % of the glass used in the vehicles on Finnish roads

Steinhof and MonoflexWestfalia towbars in our range fit almost all car makes. They have been tested and approved in accordance with directive 94/20/EC. Steinhof and Monoflex/Westfalia towbars are safe and draw smoothly and securely everything drawable running on wheels. The surface of the towbars is electrically treated and powder coated. Also the locking cylinders of the detachable tow bars have been galvanized. This procedure protects against corrosion and guarantees an extremely long operating life.

We also have Steinhof and MonoflexWestfalia car make specific wiring kits for towbars in our range. The technology of the modern vehicles is more complex than ever before, which means that every tow bar installed requires an own wiring kit. This will make sure that the vehicle’s own electric system will not be damaged and cause problems

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Engine parts

We offer the most extensive selection of engine parts in Finland, including the parts required for the repair works of cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, valve gear and timing gear. Almost all of our engine parts are of original equipment quality.

Belt tensioners and guide rollers
We have an extensive selection of pulleys and idlers as well as tensioner dampers for timing belts in our range. We also offer overrunning alternator decouplers that prevent the vibration of the multirib belt in the engine and guarantee a longer operating life for the belts.

These products are supplied by OE manufacturers INA and SKF, whose quality is trusted even by vehicle manufacturers.

Whenever the vehicle belts are being changed, it is also advised to check the idler pulleys that work in conjunction with the timing belt and to replace them if needed. This prolongs the service life of the belts and prevents the need for repeating the job at a later date, which can be pricey.

MWhen it comes to engine bearing suppliers, we also trust in the leading manufacturers in the field.During decades, Glyco has achieved fame as an innovative developer of their products, of which Sputter bearings serve as a noteworthy example. We also offer engine bearings from Kolbenschmidt and Mahle as well as NPR bearings mainly for Japanese engines.

Cylinder blocks
Our range includes pistons, piston ring kits, cylinder sleeves and cylinder sleeve kits from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Cylinder head parts
The cylinder heads and camshaft kits in our range are quality products of AMC. Some of the valve lifters and cylinder head bolts are supplied by AMS as well. Moreover, INA, AE, Kolbenschmidt and Ajusa deliver to us a wide assortment of camshafts, valve lifters and rocker arms. Our cylinder head bolts and bolt kits are supplied mainly by Victor Reinz and Elring.

The majority of our gaskets and gasket kits are supplied by the leading manufacturers in the field, Victor Reinz and Elring, both of which are original equipment suppliers for the largest car manufacturers. We also have in our range Payen and Ajusa gaskets and gasket kits.

Valves and valve guides
In the modern engines, valves have to work in extremely high temperatures; inlet valves are exposed to as much as 550 °C and exhaust valves 1000 °C, so the material has to be of a very high quality. This quality is provided by TRW valves. In addition to them, our product range is completed by valves from Intervalves and AE as well as valve guides from Metelli.

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Exhaust pipes

Sport silencers
Simons Sportsystem is a sporty alternative to traditional exhaust systems. Simons exhaust pipes are efficient and sporty quality products, in terms of both design and sound. Car manufacturers usually use standard exhaust pipes that do not have character and feeling in their sound. Simons Sportsystem exhaust pipes are made for those of you who require a little more than usual from your car. They bring out the hidden resources of the engine: your car will become more efficient and, on top of that, it will look and sound better.

Universal silencers, catalytic converters and exhaust tips
Mufflex exhaust systems made with robotics are of original equipment quality. This is an essential asset, as well as the 100% quality supervision from the material to the finishing stage. Mufflex is made to endure in the hard Finnish weather conditions. All products are either made of stainless steel or coated with heat-resistant paint. According to EU legislation, all vehicles in road traffic manufactured in 1999 or later must be equipped with E approved mufflers.

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Trailer parts and accessories

Valeryd is a leading Swedish supplier of spare parts for caravans and trailers. Their range covers the spare parts for all brands and models.

Domar is a well-known Italian manufacturer of mudguards.

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Fuel system parts

In our range you will find filters from Hengst, Mahle and Japanparts for all kinds of needs in your vehicle. Our assortment includes oil, air, fuel and fresh air filters as well as automatic transmission filters.

All filters fulfill the strict quality standards required by vehicle manufacturers. Thanks to this, they are an excellent choice for your different filter needs.

We offer filters manufactured by the Finnish company M-filter for tractors and working equipment. The range includes oil, air, fuel and cabin filters. M-Filter filters meet the strict quality requirements of vehicle manufacturers and thus they are an excellent choice for a variety of filter needs.

Our selection covers almost all vehicles in our market.

Electronic fuel pumps
Electronic fuel pumps are supplied by Airtex and Pierburg, whose strict manufacturing criteria confirm that the products are of OE quality or equivalent to OE.