Koivunen Oy is a privately held Finnish house of importers and warehouse distributors of passenger and commercial vehicles spare parts, accessories, tyres, wheels, tools, machines and fastening products.

Our traditions go back to the twenties, to the first stages of motorization. In our line of business, we are one of the largest and best known in Europe. Our connections are worldwide; we represent hundreds of international manufacturers in the trade in Finland. Our distribution network covers the whole of Finland. Sales to consumers take place through well-known and reliable local retailers and specialized garages.

Koivunen Oy is also a remarkable employer, offering interesting career challenges in the field of automotive wholesale trade for almost 400 people.

Koivunen Group in figures 2019
Turnover 159,8 162,3 152,6 152,3 142,6 141,3
Profit before Taxes and appropriations 8,0 11,1 9,9 10,0 7,6 9,2
Gross investments 4,4 6,5 2,2 3,2 3,6 1,6
Fixed assets 36,5 35,0 31,1 31,7 31,4 30,9
Current assets 104,3 108,3 105,9 101,7 91,7 89,1
Equity 112,6 114,1 109,5 106,8 103,4 100,5
Balance sheet total 140,8 143,3 137,0 133,5 123,1 120,0
Current ratio 5,5 5,3 5,5 5,4 7,5 7,3
Equity ratio (%) 86,2 85,2 85,5 85,5 89,4 90,6
Number of personnel (average) 679 668 629 608 577 600
of which abroad 241 239 230 219 188 197


Koivunen’s traditions go all the way back to 1927, when the company Autosähkö Oy was established. One of the company’s two founders was Mr. Oskar Koivunen, and it operated, according to its business name, as a special shop in the auto electric trade expanding its activities to the spare parts business, too. At that time, the number of vehicles was a little over twenty thousand. The company was divided in the middle of the 40’s and its wholesale department of motor vehicle spare parts continued under a new name – Koivunen Oy. The company grew and developed along with the growth of the vehicle park and operated in the centre of Helsinki up to the middle of the 80’s. In 1986, Koivunen Oy moved to Malmi in Helsinki, where it has nowadays the storage spaces and office premises of about 40.000 m2.

Koivunen has always been an international enterprise; it does business worldwide with the manufacturers of the products included in its product range. The company’s own exports were started with the disintegration of the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 90’s. Nowadays the company has the subsidiaries in all the Baltic States. and in Sweden and also the sales offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia.

At the turn of the millennium, we started an intensive expansion of activities on the commercial vehicle sector. We bought the business of an enterprise specialized in refrigerating systems of vehicles load rooms and in air conditioners of buses. Under the name “Suomen Kuljetuslaite Oy” we have been expanding its activities to the sales of spare part and appliances for heavy duty vehicles as well as installing service and repair services.

We always endeavour to be in the lead of developments in implementation of operational systems. The first electronic data systems were introduced as early as at the beginning of the 80’s and the paperless goods handling represents the most advanced information technology in wholesale business.

We created the Fixus concept twenty years ago by publishing a marketing publication which was distributed to every home. We want to be a success in the structural change of the trade and to support our longstanding dealers. Nowadays almost 400 independent spare part shop and garage entrepreneurs are already part of our Fixus Chain.

Koivunen also has its own tyre department in order to invest in importing of tyres and wheels. In addition, we aim to meet the continuously increasing demand of tools, fasteners, machines and workshop equipment by offering our customers a wide product range of good quality, always at competitive prices.